Biotechnology / Biochemistry


Biotechnology, molecular biology, gene technology, antibody/CAR therapies, immune/cell and gene therapies, biopharmacy, biochemistry, applied microbiology, bio-analytics, molecular diagnostics, in vitro diagnostics, platform technologies, interfacial biotechnology, interdisciplinary biotechnology

  • Draft of patent applications
  • National/European/international representation before the German Patent and Trademark Office, European Patent Office, German Federal Patent Court and Federal Supreme Court in application proceedings, utility model cancellation proceedings, opposition/appeal proceedings and nullity actions
  • Representation against property right attacks (infringement proceedings)
  • Support of foreign proceedings by means of our network of corresponding attorneys before national government offices and courts
  • Development of application strategies
  • Portfolio management and advice
  • Freedom-to-operate research and expert opinions
  • Due-Diligence audits
  • Draft of licencing, purchase and cooperation agreements
  • Prosecution of property right infringements including injunction proceedings, trade fair seizure proceedings and border seizure proceedings
Persons of Contact: Dr. Tanja Bendele, LL.M.