Dr. Tanja Bendele

Dr. Tanja Bendele, LL.M.

E-Mail: office@ruhr-ip.com

Phone: [+49] (201) 17 00 35 90

Patent Attorney

European Patent Attorney

European Trademark Attorney

European Design Attorney

Graduate chemist

Professional Resume

Focus in chemistry studies on organic chemistry and solid state analysis, as well as in the field of general process engineering and reactor technology.

Doctorate in the field of materials science of photochromic molecular solids. From 2000, patent manager in the pharmaceutical Industry at ratiopharm GmbH, Germany’s largest generics company. Responsible for searches, freedom-to-operate (FTO) analyses of generic developments of blockbusters, due diligence, development of creative solutions to avoid infringement of critical patents, international strategy planning with foreign attorneys for the implementation of nullity proceedings. From 2003 in patent and law firm, with focus on medical technology as well as steel industry. Training as a German Patent Attorney at the Düsseldorf Higher Regional Court and the Federal Patent Court in Munich. At the same time, set up of a consultancy firm for planning experiments for opposition or nullity proceedings in the pharmaceutical sector.

2006 German Patent Attorney qualifying examination, European Patent & Trademark Attorney and since then holder of the patent law firm RUHR-IP. 2009 LL.M. in European Intellectual Property Law. Master degree course in electrical engineering (E-technology) and information technology, specialising in intelligent energy networks.

Legal focus

Comprehensive, prospective, strategic advice in the field of intellectual property, patenting of technologies as well as their defence against challenges, complex patent applications and series of patent applications, oppositions, expert opinions concerning the enforceability, validity and relevance of intellectual property rights, advice on avoiding the infringement of third party property rights, advice on setting up a patent department in SMEs.

Technological focus

Interdisciplinary areas of expertise, in particular in the fields of chemistry, pharmacy, dental field, reactor technology, process engineering, battery technology, medical technology, interventional medical technology, spectroscopic methods, nano-technology, surface chemistry, organofunctional silicon compounds, inorganic silicon chemistry, construction chemistry, metal organics, polymorphism, re- and further processing of semi-precious and precious metals, mechanics, energy systems, renewable energies, electrical engineering.

LL.M.: Master thesis in degree course – European Intellectual Property Law

“The Role of the Parliaments of the Member States in the European Union – In the Light the Treaty of Lisbon”.


see Publications Dr. Bendele (née Smolka)


Chamber of Patent Attorneys, EPI, GRUR, AIPPI, FICPI, Rotary Club Essen Centennial, member of the Committee for Patent and Utility Model Law of the Chamber of Patent Attorneys, previously member of the Committee for Patent Evaluation of the Chamber of Patent Attorneys, member of the examination committee “EQE” of epi


Scholarship recipient of WASAG Foundation (1996)

PhD thesis support by German Research Foundation DFG (1996-1999)


German Sino School of Business & Technology – International IP


  • 2021/03
    GRUR - Executive Board District Group West Secretary

  • 2019
    "Patent and Utility Model Law" Committee of the Chamber of Patent Attorneys

  • 2018
    Member of the "EQE" Examination Committee of epi

    Qualifying examination "European Patent Attorneys”

  • 2013
    Coordination of a patent and trademark portfolio for client with short-term coordinative takeover of the files and their administration

  • 2011
    “Patent Evaluation” Committee of the Chamber of Patent Attorneys

  • 2009
    LL.M. - European Intellectual Property Law

    Subject: The Role of Parliaments According to the Lisbon Treaty in the Light of the Treaty of Nice

  • 2009
    Metallurgical purification processes

    Patent series

  • 2006
    Foundation of RUHR-IP

  • 2006
    European Patent Attorney

  • 2006
    German Patent Attorney

  • until 2006
    Consulting Patent Department ratiopharm GmbH

  • 2003
    Foundation of SCIconcept GmbH

    Advise of the pharmaceutical industry in relation to solid-state properties of active substances, including polymorphism, planning of experiments for oppositions, patent nullity proceedings. Successor company is: Solid-Chem GmbH

  • 2003
    Schneiders & Behrendt

    Patent and law firm, Bochum

  • 2002
    Scientific investigations at the Institute for Structural Chemistry - University of Duisburg-Essen

  • 2000-2002
    Patent department ratiopharm GmbH (Generics, Biosimilars and Polymorphism of pharmaceuticals)

  • 1999
    PhD thesis on structure-property relationships of supramolecules (co-crystals), in particular thermally reversible photochromic co-crystals and their preparation by means of mechanochemical processes and crystallisation.

    Characterisation of solids by analytical methods