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Intellectual Property (IP) Strategy in Mechanochemistry

Publikation Dr. Tanja Bendele - 2023 - Colacino, E., & Garcia, F. (Eds.). (2023). Mechanochemistry and Emerging Technologies for Sustainable Chemical Manufacturing (1st ed.). CRC Press.

Sustainable manufacturing is one of the most common demands the industry, such as the pharmaceutical, chemical, and biotechnological industry, is faced with today. The most straightforward sustainable manufacturing such as grinding with mortar and pestle – a mechanochemical treating method – goes back to the stone age. Since then, in the last century, several mechanochemical methods and apparatuses, such as specific ball mills, were designed to increase the energy input into the grinding process, to initiate chemical reactions besides particle size reduction. Many of these innovations were protected by patents and exploited by industry.

The following chapter will give a short view into the history of innovations in sustainable manufacturing methods and of apparatuses in patent databases, present own know-how from the authoress Ph.D. work which was not allowed to be mentioned in the thesis, an overview of intellectual property rights and their requirements as well as proposals for a mixed synergistic innovation process. For a better understanding, the definitions of mechanochemistry and sustainable manufacturing will be given below.